Thursday, September 10, 2009


I'm sorry to say it but, Summer is coming to an end. For the last three (or four, or five) months I have consumed margaritas, looked at chicks in bikinis and relaxed in the sun. And while I can't say I will miss the 100+ degree heat, I will miss the leisurely state of mind summer can bring. Another thing that Summer sometimes brings is a set of tracks that embody summer's fun and sometimes lazy feeling. Here are a couple of tracks that I think of when I think Summer (Some from this year, some from last).

This was the U.K.'s summer anthem in 2008. Set to a groove in a genre known as U.K. Funky; this track is nothing if not infectious. It's sound makes me think of bikini-clad women running around a pool tossing beach balls around. This also defines the video as well. Well, if it works, don't fuck with it.

Drake - Best I Ever Had
This track was one of this year's best Hip-Hop tracks. Also very infectious.

Dizzee Rascal - Holiday feat. Calvin Harris
Another track that makes me think of Summer. Dizzee's ode to the "holiday" works so well over this Calvin Harris produced beat. Fun stuff.

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